Pad Thai

Pad Thai

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Green onions, bean sprouts, and sweetened radish stir-fried in Thai Ocha tamarind sauce and topped with ground peanuts and sliced tofu.

  • Contains nuts
  1. Julie T. Oct. 8, 2022

    This place is delicious. I have been looking for a good Thai place for a while and this restaurant surpassed all my expectations. I LOVED their pad Thai, but their yellow curry was on point I asked for the medium spicy and it was just the right amount of kick. I might even go for the hot option next time. I also had their mango sticky rice and Thai tea. This place just hit the spot just right. Will definitely eat here again

  2. Emily Gallagher July 26, 2022

    Tonight was my 4th order from Thai Ocha. And my 4th entree that has been made incorrectly. I’m not asking for anything crazy- usually extra peanuts on my pad Thai. Tonight- I just asked for chicken in my cashew delight. I paid for it. Online ordering asked for my choice of protein. It was nothing that should be made wrong. Ever. Read the order and just put the things in that it comes with and some chicken that was paid for. I attempted to call the restaurant 15+ times. No answer. I went to the website and went to the ‘Contact’ section. I sent them an email. It was returned as the email apparently does not actually exist. I would drive back over there, but it would probably cost more in fuel than the $1 extra I paid for chicken. 100% do not recommend this place if you just simply want your food made the way it’s on the menu. They clearly cannot accomplish this small feat.

  3. Lynda Ver Hoef July 2, 2022

    We've ordered out and dined in many times and it has been great. Something terrible happened a couple weeks ago. Pad se ewe was that, EWE! Sickly sweet and gummy. Pork in Pad Thai shoe leather! Basil fried rice w tofu terrible. Now that I'm writing this I feel bad I didn't call them. I'll do that now and see what they say.

  4. Audrey Fong May 29, 2022

    Had a wonderful experience, the staff was great and the was Pad Thai 5/5. Will definitely be returning!

  5. Lexi Lott May 28, 2022

    Thai Ocha is consistently delicious! My husband has Pad Thai every time and I have had most of the menu we are NEVER disappointed. (Try the fresh yummy!!) Staff is always very accommodating and nice. The only reason I give 4 stars is because it is a bit outdated, a/c intake could be cleaned of dust, and it tends to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Despite those things, which can easily be dismissed with good company, Thai Ocha is definitely a gem of Denton!

  6. Thai Ocha has always been our go-to Thai food place in Denton for over 10 years.  Love the Tom Kha soup and the Fresh Rolls with Shrimp.  Also, really like the Pad Thai with Glass Noodles.

  7. Kristina L. Jan. 25, 2022

    Delicious food! Highly recommend the chicken pad Thai, papaya salad, crab Rangoon and duck curry. Very flavorful and spice level 2 was perfect for me and my boyfriend.

  8. Natalie Bennett Jan. 24, 2022

    I have been eating here regularly since I was a kid and it is still one of my favorite restaurants in Denton! The Khao Soi is incredible and so is the pad thai and green curry. Really everything on the menu is great - highly recommend!

  9. Alyscia Ellis Jan. 24, 2022

    The tom kha soup is amazing! Love the fried rice and the pad Thai. You can choose your spice level too! The sticky rice with egg custard is a great dessert.

  10. My SO is allergic to red onion, but thankfully, the kinds of onion used were clearly labeled on the menu. I'm vegetarian, and there are plenty of vegetarian options. My SO got the pad thai lunch special, while I got the ka-prao lunch special. I like a medium amount of spiciness, so I got an L3 level of spice (out of 5), which was perfect for me. My SO got L1 (the lowest level), but still found it a little spicy. We also got veggie rolls (wrapped in rice paper). All the food was delicious.

    (I did order fried rice instead of steamed rice, but they brought me steamed rice instead. I didn't really care that much, though.)

    The only real flaw in the meal was the drinks. I got mango iced tea, but it had too much ice (the straw couldn't even reach the bottom of the cup) and was very watered down. My SO got a Coke, but it was totally flat.

    Even despite the drinks, it was a great experience. One waiter who took our orders, and a different server brought our food out (he was very polite and attentive).

  11. David Saputra Sept. 5, 2021

    It is a smaller place but the food is very good. They tailor the spice level to what you are comfortable with. They have good curries and pad thia. There is not a very diverse kids menu.

  12. Courtney Hay Aug. 20, 2021

    My favorite Thai place in Denton! The pad Thai is amazing. I like spicy but not crazy and I get the spice level 3. It’s perfect!

Green onions, bean sprouts, and sweetened radish stir-fried in Thai Ocha tamarind sauce and topped with ground peanuts and sliced tofu.

Customize your dish just the way you like it.

Choice of Protein
  • No protein, same veggies
  • Tofu $ 1.00
  • Chicken $ 1.00
  • Pork $ 2.00
  • Beef $ 4.00
  • Shrimp $ 4.50
Choice of Spicy Level
  • NOT Spicy
  • Level 1 - Mild (just a kick)
  • Level 2 - Medium
  • Level 3 - Hot
  • Level 4 - Very Hot
  • Level 5 - Insanely Hot (no refunds!)
Choice of Extra Proteins
  • Egg $ 2.00
  • Tofu $ 2.00
  • Chicken $ 3.00
  • Pork $ 3.00
  • BBQ Pork $ 4.00
  • Beef $ 4.00
  • Shrimp $ 4.00
  • Seafood $ 6.99
  • Duck $ 8.00
Choice of Extra Veggies
  • Bamboo $ 1.00
  • Bean sprouts $ 1.00
  • Zuchini $ 1.00
  • Carrot $ 1.00
  • Cabbage $ 1.00
  • Bell pepper $ 1.00
  • Eggplant $ 1.50
  • Green beans $ 1.50
  • Potatoes $ 1.50
  • Mushrooms $ 1.99
  • Broccoli $ 2.00
  • More of the same veggies $ 2.00
  • Basil $ 2.00
  • Mixed veggies $ 3.99
Choice of Extra Nuts
  • Peanuts $ 2.00
  • Water chestnuts $ 2.00
  • Cashew nuts $ 2.50
Choice of Extra Noodles
  • Noodles $ 3.00

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