Thai Folklore: The Malicious Daughter

Girls gossiping

Once upon a time, there were 3 sisters living with their parents. The eldest was lazy, the other was promiscuous, and the youngest was a gossip. In fact, just about any rumor you hear can trace its origins to her.

The village people didn't care for the girls, but the youngest provoked the ire of most as her rumors were malicious and ruined relationships. The parents didn't know what to do, as all the love in the world would not change what has become of their daughters. After much arguing, they have agreed to send all three girls away. They have had enough embarrassment for a lifetime.

But the girls did not accept this exile imposed by their parents. As a result, the parents enlisted the help of the villagers to forcibly tie them up and set them on a raft down the river. Unsurprisingly, the villagers enthusiastically volunteered and the girls were sent down the river before lunch time.

As they drifted aimlessly downstream, a local pirate came across their raft and rescued the 3 girls. Being the pirate that he is, he made all three girls his wives. It wasn't difficult for him to deal with the lazy one, as he didn't need much from her. He also was able to turn a blind eye to the promiscuous one, as he thought she kept his men entertained. What he could not handle was the gossip. The malicious rumors she would spread like cancer had to be removed, he decided. And so, he tossed her down the river to meet her fate.

The gossip girl flailed helplessly and just as she was about to give up, two sea eagles came to her rescue with a log to hang on to. She held on the log like dear life until she reached dry land. Little did she know that the eagles were planning to have her for dinner. As soon as she dried herself up, they picked her and flew her into the sky.

Unable to keep her mouth shut, she would whisper jokes into the male eagle's ear and laugh at his responses. Later, she would tell the female eagle that her husband eagle was cheating on her. This started an argument between the eagle couple, which soon escalated to a skirmish that made them drop the girl. The girl fell hard onto the river and died on impact. The fish feasted on her body.

Many years later, a monk came across a skull that washed up on the beach. He fancied it as incense holder and brought it back with him into the temple. But something strange started happening. The monks started having arguments with each other. Not the usual type, but they seemed to be higher in frequency and intensity. After some deliberation, the monks decided that the skull is the cause of their problems. One of the monks took the skull out to the cemetery and threw it as far as he could.

The skull quickly made its way to a gang of thieves, where they too fell under the spell of the skull and started fighting among themselves. They have gotten so loud that the monks threw them out of the cemetery and burned the skull in the crematory. They then scattered the ashes to the four winds.

This was the end of the gossip girl. Those who spread rumors should take heed 😲😲

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