Red Curry

Red Curry

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Bamboo shoots, zucchinis, bell peppers, and basil cooked in red curry sauce & coconut milk.

  • Rice included
  1. Catherine Medrano March 1, 2022

    Thai Ochoa Denton has the BEST curry between Lewisville/the colony and Denton. I have been many a Thai places and there is none like this one! If you’re a super curry fan like me- it’s this place for you!

  2. Charlotte Rutland Jan. 24, 2022

    Our go-to place for Thai food for years. Indoor service has always been good, and take out has been good as well. Love the red curry and Tom Kha soup especially.

  3. Sampoorna Pattnaik Sept. 10, 2021

    Reply: I wish you guys were a little more polite to begin with! Sorry to say this but I have had panang curry and red curry from different restaurants and from THAI OCHA too.. Red curry was always spicier and darker to look at. This time the gravy was the same. AND I AM QUITE FAMILIAR WITH THAI CURRIES.

    I don't know why people cheat! We ordered 2 chicken curries. Panang & Red. Picked up. Went home. Opened the box. Both were the same! 😬😱 Called them up. Someone said, "we will replace the order, but get the curry back!" I went to the restaurant. Cook comes out. Says, "these are 2 different curries" I was unable to differentiate though. I was hell tired, hungry and not at all in a mood to argue. So I just gave up. I don't think I am ever visiting this place again.

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Bamboo shoots, zucchinis, bell peppers, and basil cooked in red curry sauce & coconut milk.

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